Meet Munira Jiwa, BScPT

Trained as a Physical Therapist at the University of Alberta, Munira has dedicated her life to helping people heal through the power of Spring Forest Qigong.

Munira was the first Certified SFQ instructor in Canada trained in 2009 by Master Lin himself.  She has been teaching the principles and techniques of SFQ ever since.

In 2015 she was awarded the title Spring Forest Qigong Master by Master Chunyi Lin.

Today Munira is certified to teach SFQ Workshops Level One, Two, and Three plus she runs weekly practice groups online for people all over North America. 

Her vision is to see this practice grow. "I would love to see more people trained to teach SFQ so that we can continue to share the “Qi~joy”.

Education and Certifications

  • 1995 –  Graduated from the University of Alberta with a BScPT (Physical Therapy)
  • 2009 –  Certified Level 1 SFQ Instructor Training at SFQ Centre, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • 2009 –  Certified BTB Feng Shui Practitioner at Mount Royal College
  • 2013 –  Certified Level 2 SFQ Instructor and Master Healer
  • 2015 –  Title of Spring Forest Qigong Master awarded by Master Chunyi Lin
  • 2016 – Title of Master Teacher awarded by Master Chunyi Lin
  • 2018 – Certified Simplified Tai Chi Instructor
  • 2018 – Certified Level 3 SFQ Instructor

My Story - Why is Qigong my passion?


After 15 yrs of chronic neck and back pain, I had to wonder why I wasn’t getting better. Trained as a Physical Therapist, I had tried many of the traditional Western treatments. Nothing provided me with long-term relief of my symptoms.

In 2006, I stumbled upon this different sounding meditation practice called Qigong (chee gong.) I had nothing to lose after trying so many healing modalities, so I gave it a try. In a very short period of time I started to feel better and lighter. Not only did my physical pains go away, I realized I had also been suffering from depression, and it had now lifted.

A Positive Impact

The simple practice of Spring Forest Qigong™ (SFQ) has had a positive impact on so many areas of my life: not only improved health, but increased energy, and increased focus and concentration. This has greatly helped me with my soccer game! And it has allowed me to have more meaningful relationships with my family and friends.

My own journey to healing was so profound, I found myself compelled to share this powerful practice with others. I travelled to Minneapolis to complete the 4 levels of SFQ training under Master Chunyi Lin, the creator and founder of Spring Forest Qigong™.

Spreader of Qi~Joy

I am the first Certified SFQ instructor in Canada and have been teaching since 2009. My vision is to see this practice grow. I would love to see more people trained to teach SFQ so that we can continue to share the “Qi~joy”.


I believe SFQ has changed my perspective. It has taught me the power our mind plays in creating a life of health and joy. Qigong has guided me to trust my inner voice and encouraged me to live from my heart. I encourage you to get in touch and learn more about how Spring Forest Qigong™ can transform your life the way it has transformed mine.