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Simple energy tips to help you balance your energy and feel great!  
Many of these tips can be found in the "Head- to- Toe Healing - Your Body's Repair Manual" by Master Chunyi Lin. www.SpringForestQigong.com

Qi Tip #1

Cupping the top of your head -  helps with

  • Anxiety
  • Headaches

Qi Tip #2

Slow and gentle neck rotations - helps with 

  • Headaches
  • Stress release in head, neck, and shoulders
  • Lung congestion
  • Eye diseases

Try to complete nine rotations, doing this exercise slowly and gently.  You can do this exercise three times a day, or as needed.


Qi Tip #3

Power of the Inner Smile

Smiling is a secret to health and peace in many spiritual traditions. When we radiate a true smile, it helps to open our heart and stimulates good feelings deep within us.

Learn to turn this smiling energy inwardly and illuminate your entire body with this simple yet powerful healing energy.


Qi Tip #4

Sample Spring Forest Qigong Movement Meditation

Balance your energy through the use of breath, visualization and gentle movement meditation.

Exercises can be done sitting or standing.

Qi Tip #5

 Sound is a powerful form of energy.  

Different sounds have different vibrations. The frequency of the vibration can help open the channels. In this video, I review the healing sounds to help balance our organ systems. 

  • Liver - happiness - "sheeeee"
  • Heart - joy - "kerrrr"
  • Stomach - peace - "whoooo"
  • Breathing - contentment - "seee"
  • Kidney - gratitude - "chueee"

Qi Tip #6

Qi-button for low back pain

Run your finger on the back of your hand, between the bones of the pinky and ring fingers until you hit a "ridge". Massage the point which corresponds to the lumbar spine, your low back.

30 seconds - 1 minute on both hands.



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