Level Two Workshop


with Munira Jiwa
Qigong Master & Certified Instructor

Next Level Two Workshop for Healing will be held on Wednesdays, November 17, 24 & December 1st, 2021. 9 am - 12:30 pm mountain Time.

Level Two - Helping Others to Heal

Intermediate Qigong Live Training

What is SFQ Level Two?

This program is the second level of study in Spring Forest Qigong.   It is 11.5 hours of instruction delivered over three classes.  The sessions are taught by Munira live via the internet using Zoom video conferencing software.   

In Level Two you will learn to increase your own internal energy and to scan the body to find energy blockages, which are believed to be the root of sickness or disease in the body.  It includes the healing techniques of “sword fingers” and “thunder palms” to treat pain, heal colds, improve blood pressure, etc.

Classes include lectures plus demonstrations of the techniques. 

A certificate of completion will be issued for those that attend all sessions.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for anyone who has successfully completed the SFQ Level One workshop and now wants to move to the next level of skill and knowledge.  It is also for people who want learn more about how to help others to heal.


Next offering:  Wednesdays November 17, 24th & December 1st, 2021. 9:00 am - 12:30 pm Mountain Time.


You will need a Zoom licence (free or paid) installed on your computer and you will need a reliable internet connection.   A basic knowledge of how to use Zoom would be useful.

What you will learn during this 3 class training series

✔  Building and strengthening your own energy
✔  Use qigong to heal yourself and help others heal
✔  Advanced ancient Qigong movements to cultivate healing energy
✔  Detecting techniques to find energy blockages in the body
✔  Advanced Sword Fingers for sending healing Qi
✔  Thunder Palm - ancient Qigong movement for internal cultivation
✔  10,000 Hands - ancient Qigong movement for internal cultivation
✔ Cloud Hands - ancient Qigong movement for internal cultivation
✔  Six Keys to Success in Qigong Practice
✔  Your body's Virtual Compass
✔  And more...

Energy Systems and Color Healing

The body has different energy systems that involve multiple organs.

An energy blockage in one organ often indicates blockages in other organs within its energy system.

Knowing the relationship among the organs is very helpful in our healing. Each energy system responds favorably to various colors which can increase the healing. When giving energy through the palm(s) to the heart system, for example, imagine red or pink energy.

Staring at colored paper or a colored light can enhance your visualization of that color because your eyes are left with signals from that color.

In Spring Forest Qigong Level 2 Qigong for Healing class, you will learn the body's energy system, as well as how to use colors to balance the energy system.

Detecting Blockages and the Healing Process

The smooth, balanced flow of energy (chi or Qi) is critical to robust physical health. When our channels become blocked, Qi may accumulate in one place and be depleted in another (like water forms a lake behind a dam and leaves the stream below it nearly dry).

Blockages may be located in a different area or areas of the body from where the pain or symptoms are felt. For example, your friend may have pain in the temple area of the head while the energy blockage is in the neck. A blockage is not necessarily a physical illness of the body. To heal your friend, find the root of the sickness, which is the blockage. Do not focus on the symptoms.

Blockages start as yin energy. Often, at this yin stage, the blockage cannot be felt by the person receiving the healing. When the yin energy blockage changes to Yang energy, it may manifest as a physical symptoms.

You will be guided in learning how to detect energy blockages and perform Spring Forest Qigong healing process to remove the energy blockages in this live class.

Qigong healing is of love sharing. It is a healing from the root cause, from the soul.

-- Master Chunyi Lin


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Level Two - November 2021

$279 USD
(Early bird until November 10th)

  • 9 am - 12:30 pm  Mountain Time
  • November 17, 24, December 1, 2021
  • Delivered online using Zoom