Thursdays - Deepening Your Qigong

for SFQ practitioners who want to deepen their meditation and healing practice.

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What is a practice group session?

These 1 1/4 hour sessions are comprised of gentle qigong movement meditation followed by guided, seated meditations.

All sessions are delivered online.  Munira will be on camera to do the demonstrations and to lead the meditations.  

Also at the end of each session Munira will be available to answer questions from the participants.

ALL sessions are recorded.  All recordings will be uploaded to a private membership site for participants to review as often as they like.   All participants are automatically added as a member to the site and given access to the recordings.

Who are these sessions for?

These sessions are more advanced than the Tuesday group practice sessions.    This group is for SFQ practitioners who have previously completed at least the SFQ Level One Workshop and are now wanting to further their knowledge and skills.  

These sessions are also applicable to more advanced SFQ practitioners who simply want the benefit derived from group participation and energy.

The schedule and how to attend

Every Thursday  9:30 am – 10:45 am Mountain Time
All practice group sessions are done online using Zoom conferencing software.   After registering, you will receive an email with instructions for how to attend the broadcasts. 

Membership site and recordings

When you register for this program you will automatically be enrolled as a member in the Munira Jiwa membership system. This system contains a library of all of the weekly recordings in case you ever miss one or need to go back to re-watch to get a refresher. After registering you will receive an email with instructions for how to access all of the weekly recordings.

Membership Has Its Rewards - Other Benefits

As a member of Munira's program, you will also get:

✔  grandfathered pricing - the price you pay now will be locked in - your cost will NEVER be increased as long as you remain a subscribed member

✔  preferred member's pricing on other events and workshops organized by Munira 


Subscription:  The Thursday Deepening Your Qigong program is sold as a monthly (or annual) subscription.   This means that when you register you will automatically be enrolled in the online membership site and you will be eligible to attend all weekly classes.   Every month (every 31 days starting from the time of your registration) your credit card will be automatically charged for the next month's subscription.  As long as your subscription remains intact you will be eligible to access the weekly sessions and the online site for the recordings and bonus material. 

Monthly Subscription Cancellation Policy:  You may cancel your subscription at any time and you can re-start the program at any time.   When you cancel, you will be able to attend all remaining sessions in your current billing period.  At the end of the billing period your access will be revoked and you will no longer receive email reminders. No partial refunds are given for cancellations during a month.

Monthly Only:   There is no option available to purchase one session at a time.   The minimum registration is for a 30-day subscription of 4 x sessions.

Save $ With The Annual Plan Option:  For people who are fully committed to the program over the longer term, I am offering an option for an annual subscription at a discounted price.   With this option you pay once and are enrolled for the next 365 days.  This option saves you money and is easier to adminster (no more monthly billings)

Annual Plan Cancellation Policy:  With the annual program you will have 30 days to cancel and receive a full refund.  After 30 days no cancellation is available.

Upgrade from Monthly to Annual Plan:  If you are on a monthly subscription, you are welcome to upgrade to the annual plan without penalty by coming to this page and selecting the Upgrade option.   When that happens, you will be charged the annual plan amount and your monthly payments will cease.  There are no refunds for partial months.

All Classes Will be Delivered:  In circumstances where Munira cannot be available for the live weekly sessions, a pre-recorded practice session will be posted in the membership area.

Pricing and payment options

Choose from one of the options below.  All pricing is in Canadian $.

Save 50% on your first month's subscription


Monthly Subscription

$60/m CAD

Apply Coupon Code coupon code: Thursday-50 at checkout to get 50% off your first month's trial

  • monthly automatic renewal
  • cancel at any time
  • full access to Thursday weekly sessions and online membership site with recordings and bonus material
  • Locked-in price
  • MEMBER'S PREFERRED pricing on future workshops and special events


Annual Subscription

$597 / yr CAD

Save $123 (18%) / year

  • one payment enrolls you for 365 days with full access to Thursday weekly sessions and online membership site with recordings and bonus material
  • no cancellation after 30 days
  • Locked-in price
  • MEMBER'S PREFERRED pricing on future workshops and special events


Upgrade monthly to annual

$597 / yr CAD

For people wishing to switch from monthly to annual payment plan

  • enrolls you for 365 days with full access to Tuesday weekly sessions and online membership site
  • monthly payments will no longer be charged
  • no cancellation
  • renewable after 365 days at same price - LOCKED IN
  • MEMBER'S PREFERRED  pricing on future workshops and special events