Welcome to Qigong Pop-up
Live practice sessions 

With Spring Forest Qigong Master Teacher Munira Jiwa

Experience the benefits of Qigong.  Join the group sessions for demonstration, practice and connection to our qi-community.

No previous qigong experience is necessary to attend.
All are welcome.

What are Qigong Pop-up Practice Groups?

The pop-up qigong sessions are a great way to learn about and practice Qigong.  Each session is 30-minutes in length and features a Qigong practice as well as a lesson by Munira (or special guests) based on a topic of your health. 

Pop-up Qigong sessions will be offered live on Zoom twice monthly on different days and times (ie. do not follow a consistent schedule). As each session is scheduled, you will receive an email the day before to let you know.  And if you can't attend the live session, don't worry.  Each session is recorded  and published for you to watch after the live event. 

Each live session offers interaction with Munira and other participants before and after the session. This offers you an opportunity to share with the group or to get your questions answered by the expert.

Join the qi-field and amazing group energy as people from all over the globe join in and practice together. 

2 Ways to Join Qigong Pop-up Practice Groups

Option 1:  Free (no charge)

  • This is intended for people newer to Qigong who want to learn and experience  the benefits first-hand as well as enjoy the group energy.
  • Each session is recorded and published on the replay page so that if you missed a session or wish to review it, the video is available....but only for a limited time.  The replay page gives you a recording of the latest session.  When a new session is delivered, the new recording will replace the previous one.
  • There is no limit to how many free pop-ups you can attend.
  • An email will be sent to you the day prior to each new session.
Register for free Qigong Pop-up Practice Groups

Option 2:  Monthly Subscription - $9 CAD or Annual Subscription - $97 CAD

  • This is intended for people who are committed and want to practice more regularly, with access to a variety of practices.
  • As a subscriber, you become a member of Munira's site with a private login to your Library of recordings. The Library not only provides every new session recording but also the previous sessions for you to review at your convenience.
  • * 2 new pop-up replays a month (sometimes there are 3!)
  • There is no limit to how many free pop-ups you can attend.
  • The monthly cost of $9 CAD will automatically be charged to your credit card each month. There is no further administration required.
  • You may instead choose the annual plan for $97 CAD.
  • Subscribe and stay in the program for as long as you wish or you can cancel at any time without penalty.
Register for the monthly Qigong Pop-up subscription plan - $9 CAD
Register for annual Qigong Pop-up plan - $97 CAD

Munira Jiwa BScPT ( Physical Therapy), Spring Forest Qigong Master, Instructor and Healer

is a “Spreader of Qi~Joy” at her Calgary, Alberta, Canada based business for Health and Qigong Energy Balancing and Coaching.

Munira experienced a heart opening and complete transformation from chronic pain and other health issues after being introduced to Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ) in 2006.

Munira loves to share this simple and powerful self healing, meditative practice with all those looking to invest in their health and well being.

For more information on Munira's offerings, please visit munirajiwa.ca