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With Spring Forest Qigong Master Teacher Munira Jiwa


Breathing Meditation

Enjoy this short energy breathing meditation based on the teachings of Qigong Master Chunyi Lin ( Spring Forest Qigong) guided by Munira Jiwa, Spreader of Qi~Joy.  Transform energy blockages in your body through the use of your breath and visualization.

Breathing in healing energy through your skin, collecting it into your lower dantian ( energy centre located deep behind your naval). Exhale and transform any stress, worries or extra energy into butterflies which you see leaving your body, returning happily back into nature.



This is a recording of the qigong practice incorporating the first five Level One movements .  


Moving of Yin Yang.

Fundamental movement of Spring Forest Qigong

Munira Jiwa BScPT ( Physical Therapy), Spring Forest Qigong Master, Instructor and Healer

is a “Spreader of Qi~Joy” at her Calgary, Alberta, Canada based business for Health and Qigong Energy Balancing and Coaching.

Munira experienced a heart opening and complete transformation from chronic pain and other health issues after being introduced to Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ) in 2006.

Munira loves to share this simple and powerful self healing, meditative practice with all those looking to invest in their health and well being.

For more information on Munira's offerings, please visit munirajiwa.ca